Welcome to Shiai Login

This is a site for creating communes for judo clubs, creating competitions so that other customuser can register to those competitions. The main point is to simplify competition creation process.

To continue you must register yourself and log in to browse upcoming competitions. For now, user is required to belong to a club to gain access to competition registration

If you dont see your own club here, contact your head coach to create one.

At this point of time, the website is still under development and features are still being added.

If you find a bug or a problem with the website, you can let us know about it in here.

# Upcoming Feature
1.Result uploading
2.A better system for weights and categories
3.More translations, so website can be viewed in other languages
4.Design updates
5.Publishing functionality to competitions
7.Filtering to competition participants
8.Changes in the weight category adding